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Samples - Faux Bricks


The shipping costs will be refunded to you when you place your order on our website. A promo code will be provided to you with your samples.

*A maximum of 2 units per color will be included for each sample order. 

Please confirm the desired sample colors with your order number at:

See Technical Sheet here for English.

See Data Sheet here for English and here for French.

See Installation Guide here for French.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan Kummu
Faux bricks

Perfect ! We are ordering.

Heidi Cote

I was disappointed because picture did not ressemble actual brick color. I would have chosen another color if representation was more acurate and now i don’t feel like paying for more samples after my experience.

Joanne D.

Sample bricks arrived quickly and we were able to choose and order the one we liked. Project to be started in June.

Josee L.

Le produit me semble extra: le projet (donc la photo du projet) suivra plus tard.

Luc P.

Nice product well done

How Many Boxes Should You Order?

Order the right amount of faux bricks, loft blocks or wall coverings

1. Measure

Measure the area you want to cover with faux brick, loft blocks or wall coverings.

2. Calculate Square Footage

Multiply the height by width to calculate the total number of square feet you want covered.

Don't forget to subtract any areas you aren't planning to cover.

3. Divide by Square Footage in Each Product Box

Divide the total square feet by the square foot per box for the product you want to purchase.

Every product has a different number of square feet per box so check out the product description for the exact number covered.

*Make sure to order 5% - 10% more than you need to account for cut-product used to customize your area.

4. Add Products to Cart and Check Out

Add the correct number of boxes to your shopping cart.

Don't forget to add corners (if you need them) along with installation products including Manubric adhesive, grout, cone and trowel.

Easy Install in 4 Steps

1. Apply adhesive 2. Apply bricks or blocks. 3. Apply grout. 4. Clean excess grout

Install Wall Paneling in 4 Easy Steps

1. Apply adhesive to back of first panel 2. Install first panel and connecting pieces to wall 3. Slide next panel in and repeat until end of wall 4. Apply adhesive to back of last panel and fix to wall

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