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faux bricks


What kind of sealer can we use on the faux brick?

The Manubric Sealer is perfect for enhancing the color and protecting the faux bricks. 


Which paint do you recommend for the faux brick?

Matte acrylic finish paint. 


I don't see the style I want in stock. When will you get more?

We're constantly refreshing our inventory and also creating new styles. Contact our team at 


Can we install the faux bricks, Koni bricks, or Litestone on a fireplace or a backsplash?

Yes, our faux bricks, Koni bricks, and Litestone can be installed on a fireplace or backsplash.

For a fireplace, be advised that because each fireplace unit has it’s own BTU emanation, we recommend using a polymer-modified mortar and to use Manubric’s installation product (grout and adhesive). We also recommend verifying with the fireplace supplier which polymer-modified mortar corresponds best with the BTU emanation of your fireplace if you want to use other installation products.

For a backsplash, we recommend using a sealer to protect the brick. If the chosen faux brick, Koni brick, or Litestone is white, we also recommend testing the sealer on one brick, because it can cause the brick’s color to appear yellow. The sealer available on our website has been tested to assure best results. However, if the chosen faux brick, Koni brick, or Litestone is white, we recommend testing the sealer on one brick, because it can cause the brick’s color to appear yellow


Can I use the Manubric adhesive for an installation of our wood fireplace?

Yes, you can install our bricks on a fireplace.


Can we buy units instead of boxes?

Our Faux Bricks, Koni Bricks and Litestone are created as a pre-packaged set. When measuring your walls to determine the square footage that you need covered, we suggest adding an extra box to make sure you have enough. 


How much does a flat Koni brick box cover?

10.76 square feet. 


How long will it take to deliver?

5 to 10 business days.


I would like to order samples but the the website isn't working. Can someone assist me?

Absolutely! Please contact us at or 819-674-8887. 


Can I use Manubric Faux Bricks outside?

No, our products are for interior use only.


Can I stick your products on plywood?

No, our products should not be used on plywood. 


Some of the pieces arrived broken in the boxes. What do I do?

Our team takes extra care to make sure our products arrive safely. If you receive a broken product, please contact our customer support team so we can correct the issue.


On what type of surface can I stick your products?

The surface should be clean, porous and even. Remove any excess dirt, dust or other substances before application.


What percentage of loss do I have to calculate to make sure I have enough merchandise?

Plan for 5%-10% loss depending on the complexity of the project.


How should I apply the adhesive?

Unless otherwise noted, Manubric products should be installed using double bonding. Adhesive should be applied to the back of the Faux Bricks as well as the wall, using 3/16’’ notched trowel, which can be purchased from our website.


I bought Faux Bricks and corners. Where do I start the installation?

Install the corners first and then the Faux Bricks. Use the same process for our Loft Blocks.


I am an experienced bricklayer and I usually wash bricks with acid to remove mortar stains. Can I use this technique with your bricks?

No, our bricks are a decorative element and should not be washed with acid or water.


I want to do my bathroom wall with your brick cladding, it is currently on the studs. What wall type should I have behind the brick?

You can install our brick on plywood or gypsum. However, it must be painted or 'primed' before installation.


How can I get more info about the installation ?

Contact us at: