Manubric offers a whole range of products for the installation of its bricks and its block loft.

The adhesive was tested specifically to validate its adhesion to our products. It is highly recommended to use it for best results.

The Manubric coulis was tested and chosen with care. Since the installation is simpler and does not require traditional masonry. Manubric offers a grout which is easier to apply than a mortar and which gives a result that will deceive the eye every time.

The Manubric trowel is recommended because the quantities mentioned for the application of the adhesive are carefully measured with it. So to make sure the amounts are the right ones, we recommend its use.

Manubric applicator cone is a must have when installing brick. It goes hand in hand with the grout. Without it, the result will not be the same at all.

Grout boxes come in a 10 lb format and cover an average area of 40 sq. Ft.

Manubric adhesive comes in two formats. 

- 4 L which covers an average area of 50 ft2.
- 13.25 L which covers an average area of 80 ft2.

For interior installation only.

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